*OFFICIAL* GPS POC MINING ASSET - ID: 9331232355484399548

  • Paid out over 160,000 BURST this year YTD

  • despite escalated pandemic protocol

    Still mining.

    updates coming soon.

  • @goodplanets I'm on self quarantine. no signs of illness. still mining.

  • in terms of profit share, i've noticed BHD is trading in parity with BTC so hopefully they both rise in value and we'll sell into demand.
    More to come later.

  • Update:

    New List of POC coins being mined in the order of priority in the proxies protocol. first takes top priority.


  • admin

    @goodplanets Add HDD and pledge to the pool as well - great earner.

  • HDD is now 2nd priority.

  • So as you all may know most of these Proof of Capacity coins have a staking function built into the mining algorithm which allows miners to unlock the full potential of mining rewards.

    BHD, HDD, LHD, XHD are coins/networks, that Goodplanets supports, which have this staking element.

    so to understand our figures one must understand that there's a ratio of coin devotion to hardware capactiy that allows us to quantify our level of mining reward potential. each project has it's own ratio for example BHD is 3:1 coins to terrabyte mine-able nonces.

    BHD ~ 3 :1
    HDD ~ 150 : 1
    LHD ~ 30 : 1
    XHD ~ 8000 : 1 (w 9 month prep.)

    (XHD requires a 9 month preperation period before staking rewards are effected)

  • As you may know I personally invest in the coins that Goodplanets mines and pay dividends out with my own BURST.

    This method of funding allows me to avoid the fees of trading and provides the maximum value to investors in the dividend.

    -As youknow, if at anytime you do not like the nature of your investment in Goodplanets you may sell your shares at anytime as long as the Asset Market will support your order, the Asset ID is 9331232355484399548. Otherwise you may message me directly here or on discord to sell volume.

    The mortgage which Goodplanets controls is used to increase mining rewards for investors.

    What's Mortgaged and How Well?

    Well there's some good news, each coin we mine that can be mortgaged is but the matter is how well is the coin mortgaged. here are the numbers


    BHD 16.43% (30%+(16.43% of 70%) Block Reward)
    HDD 100% (100% of 100% Block Reward) Let's Go!
    LHD 10.23% (X% +(10.23% of Y% Blockreward) don't know LHD reward structure
    XHD 0% until 2/2021 (925,000XHD staked)

    Totaling around $400 in coins. (chump change to some but given the scale of our operation NOT INSIGNIFICANT)

  • A mortgage, regarding POC mining, is an asset.

    part of the value of your share is represented by this asset so this is how you know the mining operation is well run, not only is there a mountain of hardware but a growing mortgage backing your investment.

  • coins are getting really cheap right now. so i'm going to invest in some mortgages.

    coin mortgages will be owned and controlled by myself however the mining rewards will go to investors.

    I have parts and designs to increase our capacity. I'll let everyone know how progress goes on the hardware side of things.