Burst and BHD Dual Mining.

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    @eagle275 If you're pool mining you do not need the passphrases in there - that's ONLY for solo mining.

  • I switched meanwhile over to blago - to ease the "conflicts" between burstcoin mining and bhd mining ...
    But you are right, it doesnt need the passphrase - I removed it now.

    But can you (maybe) help me on another matter - the hdpool site says (on the "Funds" page) - about "Earned in promotion" - which is always 0 for me - Can you say something about it? - What is it? - How would I be able to get it? Or should I just ignore it for now?

    Also I need to say that withdraws take forever - I ordered my first withdraw yesterday and it took them almost a full day to process - is that the regular "speed" ?

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    @eagle275 The "Earned in promotion" will always be 0, unless there's a new promotion. It refers to a promotion when the pool first started up. Promotion is over, but the display has not been removed from the page.

    Agreed that withdrawal process can be painful - it needs someone to manually approve it. It's been requested, more than once, to have the process automated.

  • @haitch

    adding insult to injury about the slow payout - you select withdraw - and then an inviting "Withdraw" button appears - which made it seem like I can confirm it myself - only that this "Withdraw" is a Cancel ...
    Hope its a translation issue - as both pools seem to have chinese roots

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    @eagle275 Yeah, it is a translation issue - and I made the same mistake .... 😉

  • @haitch

    Here's another question - I've noticed that my BHD mining has gaps in the covered "numbers" .. Is that due to dual mining or is that normal ? or just a possible configuration error on my side ?

    for example I see "current mined block"

    1    145919    2019-03-01 16:35:24
    2    145916    2019-03-01 16:14:59
    3    145901    2019-03-01 14:53:59
    4    145897    2019-03-01 14:16:19

    this 1h21m "gap" between 2 and 3 makes me wonder what happened - it looks to me like I missed out 15 blocks

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    @eagle275 Yeah, that's not normal - there shouldn't be gaps. Internet outages? Any similar gaps in Burst mining ?

  • @haitch
    nope.. burst mining I see every "height" number - some times with multiple nonces (up to 6 nonces per "height) ..
    at least in blago and scavenger ..

    I'll keep looking, found different numbers for bhd when looking in the hd-miner
    there I see every "height" again with up to 6 and more mining results

    Maybe in my above post it excluded too slow results which exceeded their deadline although they tell of a deadline of 100 000 000

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    @eagle275 post your miner.conf file with anything sensitive removed, I'll take a look.

    You're using the Dual miner going to a Burst Pool and the HDProxy ?

  • @haitch

    no proxy .. hdminer and scavenger OR blago ..

    miner.conf of HD Miner

    	"Mode" : "pool",
    	"Server" : "hdminer.hdpool.com",
    	"Port": 60100,
    	"UpdaterAddr" : "hdminer.hdpool.com",
    	"UpdaterPort": "60100",
    	"InfoAddr" : "localhost",
    	"InfoPort": "60100",
    	"EnableProxy": false,
    	"ProxyPort": 8126,
    	"Paths": [
    	"CacheSize" : 65536,
    	"CacheSize2" : 512000,
    	"Debug": true,
    	"UseHDDWakeUp": true,
    	"TargetDeadline": 1000000000,
    	"SendInterval": 100,
    	"UpdateInterval": 950,
    	"UseLog" : true, 
    	"ShowWinner" : false, 
    	"UseBoost" : false,
    	"WinSizeX": 76,
    	"WinSizeY": 60,
    	"LinkPoint": "hdminer.hdpool.com",
    	"MinerName": "beliar275",
    	"AccountKey": "for my eyes only ^^ "

    I'm waiting for the "Archon" tool you mentioned to be testing ... scavenger uses far less resources compared to blago and using it for both BHD and burst would be my favorite

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    @eagle275 Archon is available for beta testing now. Join the Discord at: https://discord.gg/ZdVbrMn

    The guide has also been updated to cover configuring it.

  • @haitch

    uhm .. where do I start - I may have read that entire archon thing wrong ...
    Its making the whole process more complicated instead of simplifying it .. I had hoped I have now ONE TOOL to replace 2 .. now I have 4 tools ??? .. wtf ????

    Please come again with ways to help - not complicate things

    archon + scavenger + hdpool + hdproxy .- which I never wanted/needed ?

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    One instance of Blago/Scavenger for the actual mining of both coins
    One instance of Archon to manage the coin you're mining
    One instance of HDProxy to communicate with the HDPool - only required for HDPool mining

  • @haitch

    was able to resolve most issues together with the developer ...

  • This is so cool @haitch Very nice job!

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    @zoh Thanks 🙂 Hope it helps.

    shameless begging ..... For anyone that does start mining on HDPool, please nominate me as your referrer, it costs just a minute of your time 🙂

  • Hello Haitch any updates to the document lateley? It was dated 3/24/18 about a year now.
    Thanks in advance

  • @digidigm the date is wrong, the document is updated

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    @digidigm Oooops - typo in the date. The doc was updated last week.

  • more like 2019 instead of 2018 ^^

    in doubt come over to https://discord.gg/ZdVbrMn