How to simultaneously mine Burst and BTCHD

  • @haitch

    I wonder why you suggest the hdproxy ? Is there a certain reason for it ? I have a direct internet connection through A/DSL ... so the hdminer works pretty fine for me - and after waiting a full day I finally have my first BHD (though only some cents worth .. ) but I'm patient

    Have ordered 2 new 8 TB hdds when I found them cheap

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    @eagle275 The pools HDminer was unstable for me, a lot of crashes. The proxy on the other hand has been rock solid while mining with Johnny's fork of Blago.

  • I do not know what I'm doing wrong, I'm trying to mine in hdpool with the time I downloaded from their website, in online miners I'm 1, the TB also marks them correctly, in Binding Status it shows valid, but after two days the balance Follow 0, is this normal?

    Can someone show me how to set up the scavenger to mine the two coins

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    @energy You're running the HDproxy, with your account key in it, then running Scavenger pointed to the Proxy?

    In the Proxy config you need to let it know where ALL your plot files are.

    In Scavenger the only difference from Burst is that you just need to set the URL to http://localhost:60100

  • @Energy - I'd try the hdminer (new version from february 2019) .. the config of this one is pretty similar to blago

    if I may ask .. did you do all the steps haitch described for me in his posts ?

    its pretty straight forward

    in hdpool - does it say in the binding section "valid" ?
    what says the "Miners" page ?
    What in the "Funds" page ?

    took a couple of days before it actually worked for me too .. but after binding said valid I finally received my first funds .
    HDPool only transfers mined funds after 24 hours ( one transaction per calendar day) when it works
    but if you actually mine - you can see your results in the Funds page in the upper part, listed time-sorted (descending)

    Oh - and the website seems to use chinese time which runs 7 hours ahead of my local middle european time (or 8 hours ahead of GMT)

  • @eagle275
    I think I do not forget anything
    alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

  • hmm..

    	"Mode" : "pool",
    	"Server" : "",
    	"Port": 60100,
    	"UpdaterAddr" : "",
    	"UpdaterPort": "60100",
    	"InfoAddr" : "localhost",
    	"InfoPort": "60100",
    	"EnableProxy": false,
    	"ProxyPort": 8126,


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    @eagle275 Thats all correct

  • @haitch

    was meant as a hint for @Energy

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    @eagle275 For the HDProxy I don't think those settings are even used - mine are the same as @Energy for the Proxy.

  • @haitch @eagle275 As I said in the other post in the configuration of the scavenyer that copied from here to me it does not work if I do not add cpu_threads:

    Now it seems that it is running, waiting 24 hours to see if I receive any payment

  • @energy

    check "Funds" page - upper part "Expected earnings" - there should appear lines that show that you successfully took part in the mining efforts

  • Hey guys I am new to mining BHD. I have been mining Burstcoin for a while. I followed haitch's guide (thank you haitch) to dual mine and everything appears to be working accept I am not receiving any coins. My binding shows valid and the only odd thing I see is my DL Status. It still shows abnormal after a couple of days of mining. The weird thing is total capacity in my blago miner shows 87.3TB when my Burstcoin mining shows total capacity as 89.4TB. Any ideas? What is the best way to confirm everything is configured correctly?

  • @kaufmg123

    are both config files identical when it comes to which drives to scan? Do you possibly have one small drive not being scanned for burstcoin miner?

    Also , related to the first part, are you mining the BHD with a Pool?

  • Mining HDpool and 100-0 Burst Pool. 12-8TB drives with same drive paths in config files for miner and proxy.

  • @kaufmg123

    I just checked mine. I have 52.53 on the BHD miner and 53.78 on Burst, so although i am unsure what the discrepancy, at least we both have it.

    In the setup screen on the Hpool does it show you accumulating coins there?

    or do you have the box unchecked and your sending directly to wallet?

  • This is all I see

  • did you put your api-key from hdpool into the related config ?

    after setting everything up properly - of course "DL Submitting" should show as "normal"

    also pay a "visit" to funds -> Earning summary .. do you see any undistributed earnings ? .. HDPool only pays out once a day at 11:00 (GMT+8h) .. so depending on your home .. could be at an unexpected time

    If I were you - I'd try to minimize influence -factors .. download a fresh copy of from hdpool , extract to an empty directory, set that up .. drives , api-key .. run hdminer .. see if that yields any change ...

    As for the space difference ... 87.3 TB as in 1024 GB .. is 89.4 TiB (= 1000 GB) so both mean the same number ..

  • Assuming that API key is the same as AccountKey then yes the API key from the home page of HDpool is in the proxy server config file. I am pretty sure I would not get a binding status valid or miner online if I did that part wrong. I just validated it as well. Earnings summary is empty as well.

  • how much does it cost to send the bind in the wallet? isnt there a fee?